25 February 2015

Middle Distance Squad - National Cross Country Championships

Mud bath at Parliament Hill!

There was no escaping the heavy mud and sludge at Parliament Hill on Saturday. Already a tough course because of it's hilly terrain, the mud and standing water made for very difficult conditions for the athletes to contend with, including Neve Grimes losing her spike and still finishing the race!

As the day wore on and the ground churned up race by race, there was hardly any grass to be seen and the athletes were left with the prospect of racing in thick treacle like mud. But undeterred the athletes acquitted themselves to the task well and achieved some brilliant results.

Both Emma Richards (U13g) and Mari Smith (U20w) finished in 17th place in their respective races. Being a newcomer to the Nationals, Emma held her nerve and ran an outstanding race to lead her team home. Whilst Mari is on the comeback trail after illness, she easily had her best race to date and looked more like her old self. 

The junior women team placed 9th overall and following Mari home was Caelidh Ross (76) and Charlie Preston (130).

Full results:


Emma Richards (17) 13:28
Zena Challenger (96) 14:18
Grace Smith (130) 14:35
Emma Gascoigne (246) 15:26

Team 16th place 489 points


Neve Grimes (76) 17:15
Rhea Cooper (91) 17:29
Beane Moores (142) 18:02
Megan Rowley (287) 20:16

Team 18th place 596 points


Alex West (126) 23:52
Mikela Gilmore (138) 24:03
Fiona Brown (159) 24:33

U17 men

Alfie Thompson (58) 22:38
Oliver Freer (69) 22:53
Amrik Gill (175) 24:51
Matt Griffiths (247) 27:09

Team 13th place 549 points

Junior Women

Mari Smith (17) 24:58
Caelidh Ross (76) 28:23
Charlie Preston (130) 40:28

Team 9th place 223 points

Junior Men

James Nutt (81) 38:31

Middle Distance Squad - British Indoor Championships

Mari heads indoors!

Mari Smith competed at the Sainsbury's Indoor British Championship at Sheffield over the weekend of 14th and 15th February.

Competing with senior women like Jenny Meadows, Mari ran well to finish in 5th place in heat 2 with her time of 2:12.27. Had she been in another heat, her time would have seen her through to the final. This was her best opening indoor race to date and will hopefully bode well for the forth-coming track season.

24 February 2015

Middle Distance Squad - Cross Challenge

Results from the British Athletics Cross Challenge, Milton Keynes

There were top placings for three athletes competing in the Cross Challenge series at Milton Keynes on Saturday 7th February.

Zena Challenger was 18th in the U13 girls race, Rhea Cooper was 22nd in the U15 girls race and Mark Powell was 19th in the Senior Men's race.

25 January 2015

Middle Distance Squad - Midland Cross Country Championship results

Individual bronze for Emma and team silver for U17 mens team

It was the Midland Cross Country Championships yesterday at Wollaton Park, Nottingham. The picturesque course is undulating and testing. However, Emma Richards (u13g) made light work of  it with her tremendous run. Carving her way through the field, Emma finished in 3rd place and only 6 seconds behind the eventual winner, Laura Aryeetey of Charnwood.

Solid packing from the U17men was enough for them to win the silver medal with a total of 77 points. Led home by Pascal Bouttier-Butler in 13th place, Amrik Gill (20), Alfie Thompson (21) and Oliver Freer (23) were the other scoring members.

Full results:


Emma Richards (3) 11:55
Grace Smith (16) 12:34
Zena Challenger (20) 12:38
Samantha Dyson (109) 15:07

6th placed team 148 points


Neve Grimes (11) 15:42
Rhea Cooper (32) 16:32
Beane Moores (40) 16:48
Megan Rowley (80) 17:53

6th placed team 163 points

U17 women

Alex West (25) 20:55
Mikela Gilmore (35) 21:44
Fiona Brown (45) 22:32

7th place team 105 points

U17 men

Pascal Bouttier-Butler (13) 21:16
Amrik Gill (20) 21:35
Alfie Thompson (21) 21:39
Oliver Freer (23) 21:43
Edward Thomas (61) 24:15
Alfie Lowe (66) 25:08

U20 women

Mari Smith (10) 19:45
Charlie Preston (22) 23:36

U20 men

Kristian Edwards (29) 29:20

Senior Women

Manju Moon (138) 38:24

Senior Men

Mark Powell (27) 29:20
Richard Whitelegg (139) 45:18

Middle Distance Squad - Further success for Ben

Ben's Cross Challenge

Fresh from winning the Neville Hamilton Award at the Leicester Mercury Sports Awards for his amazing achievements throughout last year, Ben made light work of his competition to take the victory in 18:43.

Ben Dijkstra continued his superior form by storming the British Athletics Cross Challenge at Cardiff. He won by 16 seconds over Emile Cairess (Bingley Harriers) and Tom Dodd (Birchfield Harriers) whose sprint finish led to the pair being given the same time of 18:59.

13 January 2015

Middle Distance Squad - North Midlands League

Youngsters shine at North Midlands League

The final race of the North Midlands League series was held at Wollaton Park, Nottingham on Saturday 10th January. The U11 mixed team were in splendid form to finish second placed team on the day with their collective score of 34 points. 

The team of Destiny Nicholson (10), Jack Stretton (11), Elsie Robinson (13) and Scarlett Lewin (30) had raced consistently well throughout the League races which meant that they claimed the overall 2nd place team in the age group, just losing out to Nene Valley.

The U11 age group currently compete as a mixed age group with the first three athletes across the line counting as scoring team members but next year with the format changing to a more traditional race set up with boys and girls scoring separately, Leicester Coritanians should profit from this.

Not only did the U11's score in the team event, but top 10 runner on  the day, Destiny Nicholson, was placed 4th overall in the individual standings and was the highest placed girl with 26 points.

Full results:

U11 (mixed)

Destiny Nicholson 10th place 8:02
Jack Stretton 11th place 8:06
Elsie Robinson 13th place 8:11
Scarlett Lewin 30th place 9:12

U13g 3k

Samantha Dyson 24th place 15:45

Senior Men 9.5k

Mark Powell 7th place 36:18
Dave Pearce v45 53rd place 40:58

08 January 2015

Middle Distance Squad - Leicestershire & Rutland County Championship Results

Medal haul for the Coritianians at the Leicestershire & Rutland County Championships.

The Leicestershire & Rutland County Championships was held on Saturday 3rd January at Foxlands Farm, Cosby. The continual rain made for difficult conditions for athletes with them having to contend with an energy sapping course.

The Coritianians came away with 3 individual gold medallists in the shape of Neve Grimes (U15g), Ben Dijkstra (U17m) and Mark Powell (Masters Men). Emma Richards (U13g) and Caitlin Roper (U17w) won silver medals and Pascal Bouttier Butler (U17m) won a bronze medal.

Collectively, the athletes won medals in every race that a full team was entered with all but one of those medals being gold. The U13 girls team had to settle for the bronze medal in an extremely tight race where the top three teams were only separated by 2 points!

Thank you and congratulations to all those athletes who took part and supported the County Championships and also to their parents, family and friends - all of whom were wonderful in appalling racing conditions!

Full results:

U13g 3km

Emma Richards (2) 12.55
Grace Smith (7) 13.33
Zena Challenger (8) 13.37
Chloe Bubb (19) 14.50
Eva Walters (21) 15.31
Samantha Dyson (26) 16.07

Team - Bronze medal - 17 points

U15g 4km

Neve Grimes (1) 17.04
Rhea Cooper (5) 18.53
Megan Rowley (6) 18.55
Hannah Ord (11) 19.24

Team - Gold Medal - 12 points

U17w 5km

Caitlin Roper (2) 22.17
Alex West (5) 25.08

U20w 6km

Jasmin Southam (4) 30.04

Senior Women 6k

Jo Bradford (7) 27.23

U17m 6km

Ben Dijkstra (1) 21.42
Pascal Bouttier-Butler (3) 23.10
Oliver Freer (4) 23.47
Amrik Gill (6) 24.39
Alfie Lowe (10) 25.48
Edward Thomas (11) 26.18
Alistair Finlay (12) 26.27

Team - Gold Medal - 8 points

U20m 10km

Kristian Edwards (5) 41.31
Cameron Hart (8) 45.17

Masters Men 10km

Mark Powell (1) 36.45
Gareth Deacon (6) 39.31
Richard Whitelegg (9) 40.46
Andy Hart (10) 41.44
Ludvic Renou (13) 42.07
Dave Pearce (15) 43.17

Team - Gold Medal - 16 points