26 July 2010

Summary of LCAC Midland Masters Results 2009/10

The season began on May 5th with a team of seven: 3 women and 4 men, together with promises for the future from twice as many more! What we lacked in numbers was made up with enthusiasm!! Sadie Murphy, John Duggan, and Peter Crossley were all making their debut as adult track and field athletes. Chris Smith returned from injury, whilst Glenys Morton, Valerie Williams and John Graham, Coritanian “stalwarts”, came 1st or 2nd in all their events. Since then the numbers participating overall are up to 16 and individual performances have been terrific (John Graham and Sue Frisby regularly taking on 3-5 events) and. We think there are several new age records for the club within the results. However, most of all, everyone has had fun and enjoyed their individual challenges and performances.
The August 4th meeting will be in Loughborough from 7.00 p.m. The confirmed team (with more possible) is: Chris Monk, Victor Cook, John Graham, Michael Earl, Robin Brooks, Gordon Lee, Surjit Singh, Chris Smith, Steve Carter, Manju Bhardwaj, Sadie Murphy, Sue Frisby, Gwen Maynard, Sam Winters, Alison Joseph, Valerie Williams, Stephanie Magee – a total of 17 and the possibility of both a men’s and women’s relay team! Everyone gets a chance to compete as there is always a space for guests.

On September 5th there will be the “Cup Final” in Leicester (with about 17 clubs) and we have just received the programme of events – unfortunately we cannot include guests in the team but we need lots of people to help as we are “hosting” the event! Contact us if you can help (whatever your age!!)

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