20 July 2011

Midland Masters Track & Field League

We are continuing to progress with our small team in its second year in the Midland Masters Track & Field League. Last year our concern was to just have a team and yet some Coritanian athletes performed to the BMAF Merit Standards for their age group: Valerie Williams (200m); Glenys Morton (Shot); Sue Frisby (100m, 200m, HJ, LJ, TJ); Sue Wright (Javelin); John Graham (HJ, LJ); and Gordon Lee (800m, 1500m). This year already we have two new members who have also performed to BMAF Merit Standards: Alan Mellett (200m) and Rashpal Singh (LJ). Congratulations everyone!
However there have also been numerous PBs this year – improving on last year’s performances in the League: Peter Crossley (HJ), Manjula Moon (1500m), Alison Joseph (Javelin, Shot and Discus), Chris Monk (200m), Simon Cotton (800m), and Rashpal Singh (LJ). Some more “unusual” appearances and PBs this year have come from Manjula Moon (High Jump), Sue Frisby (Walks), Alison Joseph (Walks), Chris Monk (Walks), together with four middle distance athletes and one thrower in our 4x400 relay teams – Gordon, Simon, Julie, Manjula and Alison – they were amazing!!
We hope to have more people in our teams next month (6th July at Rugby) and again in the final meeting (3rd August at Loughborough) before the Cup Final on 4th September. At the moment our Men’s Team is 6th and our Women’s Team is 7th but most of all everyone is extremely supportive – especially of the newcomers and those trying new events. We have a lot of fun so why not join us to compete or support us in Loughborough in August.
Cherie D’Silva
Masters League Team Manager

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