20 July 2011

Midland Masters Track & Field League

Report from the Midland Masters Track & Field League at Rugby on July 6th

We are now 6th in both the Men's (beating Harborough and Nuneaton but behind the Rugby & Northampton B Team - Saints) and the Women's League (beating Nuneaton and Tamworth but behind R&N B Team - Saints). Our men's team was as complete as it is has ever been but we still need Men's 50/60 pole vaulters and walkers and more middle distance runners (our other two men were ill/injured last week but we have a 3000m and PV next time). Our Women's team moved up a place despite only having two athletes (three women were unavailable due to injury or other commitments) - so well done to Sue and Manjula (both in the top four in all their events)!
Although everyone performed well we should say we particularly welcomed the League debuts of Ian Wilkinson (the fastest of our four 100m runners) and of Gavin Russell who ensured we had points in the 400m and the pole vault. We also welcomed back Surjit Singh from injury into our M60 throwing group, as well as John Graham and Alan Mellett who performed well despite their injuries. Results are below (full league results can be found on www.mvtl.wordpress.com)


100m Manjula Moon (W35) 16.3; Sue Frisby (W50) 15.5
400m Manjula Moon (W35) 72.1; Sue Frisby 79.4
1500m Manjula Moon (W35) 6.00.9
Hammer Sue Frisby (W50) 17.39
Long Jump Sue Frisby (W50)3.50
Discus Sue Frisby (W50) 19.65


100m Alan Mellett (M75) 15.5; Peter Crossley (M50) 14.4; Mick Earl (M40) 14.1; Ian Wilkinson (M40) 13.6
2K Walk Chris Smith (M50) 15.43.7
400m Gavin Russell (M40) 65.4; Mick Earl (M40) 65.2; Alan Mellett (M75) 77.9
1500m Simon Cotton (M40) 4.37.0
4x 400m Peter, Gavin, Mick, Simon 4.29.4
Pole Vault Gavin Russell (M40) 2.00
High Jump Rashpal Singh (M60) 1.25
Discus John Graham (M40) 19.01; Surjit Singh (M60) 23.38
Triple Jump Peter Crossley (M50) 8.60; Rashpal Singh (M60) 8.50
Shot Surjit Singh (M60) 6.60
Long Jump Rashpal Singh (M60) 4.23; Gavin Russell (M40) 4.78; Ian Wilkinson 3.64

NEXT MEETING – AUGUST 3RD AT LOUGHBOROUGH UNIVERSITY TRACK FROM 7-9.30. This is the most local meeting for us this season, so …..
Contact Cherie D’Silva, Team Manager for more details – you are all very welcome and there is always plenty of help, encouragement and advice from the rest of the team (and the other teams!).

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