12 September 2011

Midland Masters Track & Field League

Cup Final

Leicester Coritanian AC qualified again for entry into the B Cup Final of the League. The team was originally a very strong one and there was a chance that we could have won our competition. However due to holidays, injuries, illness and lack of transport, our team was reduced to four men and one woman. This did not seem to matter to those who came and it is probably the case that for the first time in any club event - everyone who performed got PBs in more than one event. -That in itself must be a record!! [Note that PBs are based on performance within the League in the relevant age group.]

Individual Results:

Sue Frisby (W50): Hammer - 2nd place with a PB of 18.67; Javelin - 1st place with a PB of 15.08; Long Jump - 1st place in 3.64; 100m - 1st place with a PB of 15.1.
Jeremy Bradley (M40): 800m - 2nd place with a PB of 3:02.5; 3000m - 4th place with a PB of 13:44.4. [This was only Jeremy's second competition in these events - fantastic!]
Alan Mellett (M60 but actually in M75): 100m - 2nd with a PB of 15.3; 400m - 1st with a PB of 74.8 - probably the most exciting race of the day! It also puts Alan at the top of the M75 rankings nationally.
Peter Crossley (M50): 100m - 1st place equalling his PB of 13.8; 200m - 1st with a PB of 30.1; Long Jump - 1st with a PB of 4.20; Javelin - 3rd with his debut at this event and therefore another PB of 20.01.
Chris Monk (M50): Hammer - 5th with a PB of 14.48; Shot Put (competing with M35s) - 6th with a PB of 5.34; Discus - 4th with a PB of 15.79; Javelin - 3rd with 14.81; Walks - 1st with 13:32.0

The Men's Team of four went on to WIN the 4x100 Relay - a fantastic achievement in the circumstances with great team spirit which had been evident throughout the day - everyone ran their heart out. The combined ages of our team were far more than the other teams in our final.

Our Men's Team were 5th and our Women's Team were 3rd. Our overall position (with combined scores) was 6th - however given the poor turn out I think this is still good for what is only our second year in the League.

Well done everyone - it was a great day!! I am looking forward to next year already (two new possible recruits just this week).

Cherie D'Silva
Team Manager

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