24 April 2012

Results from Kettering Open Meeting (Sunday 22nd April)

Kettering was the first track event for many of the middle distance young athletes on Sunday 22nd April. The majority of these athletes started off their season with performances on a par from the end of last season. This is a great bench mark for the rest of the season.

As Paul Blissett often said, " If you can start the season how you finished the last, you have made a great start on which you can build."

Several personal best performances came from the U15 boys with George Bell having an outstanding run to knock five seconds off his 800m personal best time. Cameron Smith followed suit by shaving three seconds off of his 800m personal best time and Mikela Gilmore reduced her 800m personal best time by two seconds.

There were some great performances from those that have never competed for the club before and special mention must go to Ella Izzet who finished 1st in her 600m race in 2.06.1. Following Ella were Maisie Elliott and Grace Smith who finished less than a second apart.

Full results:

Connor Haywood 2.04.5, James Hatton 2.05.4 George Bell 2.09.9, Cameron Smith 2.18.6, Zak Anderson 2.19.4, Amrik Gill 2.29.3, Fran Green 2.37.6, Jordan Waine 2.42.5, Mikela Gilmore 2.43.9, Charlie Preston 2.46.7, Shannon Anderson 2.51.8, Victoria Preston 2.53.1

Ella Izzet 2.06.1, Maisie Elliott 2.09.4, Grace Smith 2.10.8, Euan Smith 2.12.2

Alice Porter 5.19.5 Alison Curtis 5.29.5, Lucille Rostron 5.37.9

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