06 April 2012

Taisha wins silver medal at Indoor Championships (25th February 2012)

Taisha Thompson-Gregory won the silver medal at the England Athletics U20/U17/U15 Indoor Championships at Birmingham on 25th February. The U17 triple jumper landed an 11.60 jump which was only a six centimetres short of the gold medallist.

Other results:

U17 Men George Drake - Triple Jump- 4th place 13.72

U20 Men Armani James - Triple jump - 8th place 13.34

U17 Women Taisha Thompson-Gregory - 60m- 1st place (Heat 1) 7.92
                     Taisha Thompson-Gregory - 60m- 4th place (Semi-final) 7.99

U20 Women Andrea Barrow - Triple jump- 11th place 10.47

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