10 May 2012

Charnwood Open Meet Results (9th May 2012)

Fran Green (U13g) and Harry Thompson (U17m) took 7 and 6 seconds off of their PB's at the Charnwood Open Meeting where both athletes competed in the 800m. Fran ran 2.30.59 and Harry 2.21.10.

Also reducing their PB's in the 800m races were Ben Masser (U15b) 2.36.41, Elliott Hart (U20m) 2.10.92, Ben Dijkstra (U15b) 2.18.83, Alfie Thompson (U15b) 2.19.07 and Jasmin Southam (U17w) 2.26.75.

Full results:

U11b Kymani Labrooy (3rd place, race 2) 15.87
U17b David Williams (5th place, race 8) 12.24
U15g Amber Griffiths (4th place, race 1) 13.24
U17m David Williams (1st place, race 1) 14.67
U11g Grace Smith (8th place, race 3) 2.59.99
U15b Ben Tansley (4th place, race 5) 2.35.27
U15b Ben Masser (6th place, race 5) 2.36.41
U13b Alfie Lowe (11th place, race 5) 2.41.30
U20m Elliott Hart (1st place, race 6) 2.10.92
U15b Ben Dijkstra (5th place, race 6) 2.18.83
U15b Alfie Thompson (6th place, race 6) 2.19.07
U17m Harry Thompson (8th place, race 6) 2.21.10
U17w Jasmin Southam (13th place, race 6) 2.26.75
U13g Fran Green (14th place, race 6) 2.30.59
LJ (over 5m)
U17m David Williams (4th place) 5.67
LJ (under 5m)
U11b Kymani Labrooy (5th place) 3.45
U15g Amber Griffiths (3rd place) 1.40

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