10 May 2012

Tommy Does It Again!

Two weeks after being first M50 to finish in the Virgin London Marathon, Tommy Hughes followed it up with another outstanding performance at the Belfast Marathon on Bank Holiday Monday recording a marginally quicker time of 2hrs. 29mins. 43secs. to take 1st M50 and 8th overall.

Not being hampered by the slow start he experienced at London he was able to get into a comfortable pace much earlier and was then able to easily confront the more difficult course and he found the pace easier for longer not having to dig in until 23 miles instead of at 20 miles as he did in London.

 'I was ecstatic at running under 2hrs. 30mins so soon after London and thrilled at achieving my goal of being first Irish born  runner to finish,' said the delighted Tommy.


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  1. thank you for giving us this update. tommy is definitely a star and not only the fans but the team also looks up to him now. hopefully he wont disappoint