25 June 2012

Birmingham regional BMC race results (Wednesday 20th June 2012)

Kristian Edwards U20 men reduced his 1500m personal best time by 10 seconds in his opening race over the distance this season. His clocking of 4.23.79 came in the 'C' race as he finished in 5th place.

Also claiming personal best performances were Connor Haywood U17 men, who completed the 800m in 2.01.84, Cameron Smith U15b who ran 2.15.48 and Matt Griffiths U15b 2.12.83.

Full results:

Connor Haywood U17m 2.01.84 5th place race 'C'
James Hatton U17m 2.03.93 9th place race 'C'
Cameron Smith U15m 2.15.48 10th place race 'D'
Matt Griffiths U15m 2.12.83 2nd place race 'E'
Emily Sales U20w 2.27.08 12th place race 'E'

Kristian Edwards U20m 4.23.79 5th place race 'C'
Luke Beeby U15b 4.43.07 3rd place race 'D'
Amrik Gill U15b 4.50.50 4th place race 'E'

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