13 June 2012

Heart of England League results (Sunday 10th June 2012)

Can I say a big thank you to all of you who supported the first of the Heart Of England  league meetings.  Our overall placing masks many great performances and the results highlight our lack of depth of athletes. Whilst holidays,half term & illness took its toll, I really hope we can encourage more of our fellow athletes to turn out for the next meeting. 

Well done to all of you who achieved PB's and thank you to those of you who did events outside of your comfort zone.  

The next meeting is on 21st July at Banbury. It was great to have so many of you on the coach and I hope you will be on the coach going to Banbury also.

Many of you will have competed in the league over the last couple years and as a result you have played a big part in getting LCAC to the 1st division.  In order to stay there we need to have more blue vests in the line ups of both Track & Field.

I know many of you have already advised me of you availability for the next meeting but can you please confirm your availability via email and your preferred events so that | can start planning the team for the next meeting.

Thank you for supporting the LCAC HoE team and I look forward to hearing from you.


Liz HindsLCAC
HoE Team Manager

Congratulations to all who participated, especially to those athletes who 'ran up' an age group. Please find the full results below:

Xennia Pampoulos LJ 2.64 7th place' A'and 75m 13.2 7th place 'A'
Grace Smith 600m 2.12.8 6th place 'A'

Sam Watkiss 800m 2.30.6 3rd place 'A' and javelin 16.11 6th place 'A'
Toby Trayner 75mH 13.6 1st 'A'
Kian Williams 100m 15.0 7th place 'A', 200m 31.2 7th place 'A' and shot 4.72 7th place 'A'
Andreas Pampoulos 100m 14.9 3rd place 'B' and javelin 9.72 5th place 'B'
Andrew Burks 200m 30.7 5th place 'B' and LJ 3.84 6th place 'A'
Marcus Harvey shot 4.53 5th place 'B' and LJ 2.97 6th place 'B'
4x100m relay 59.9 5th place

Alison Curtis 1500m 5.20.5 2nd place 'A'
Connie-May Roper 1500m 5.42.7 1st 'B'
Hannah Morris 70mH 13.9 6th place 'A', 200m 30.4 6th place 'A' and javelin 8.00 4th place 'B'
Neve Grimes 800m 2.44.2 4th place 'A'
Katie McDonald 800m 2.57.1 4th place 'B', shot 6.23 4th place 'A' and javelin 10.19 7th place 'A'
Jenny Ward 100m 15.4 7th place 'A' and LJ 3.92 4th place 'A'
Ciara Warner 100m 15.8 6th place 'B', 200m 34.9 7th place 'B' and LJ 3.26 7th place 'B'
Achayla Carr-Brown 6.12 3rd place 'B'
4x100m relay 62.2 7th place

Luke Beeby 800m 2.13.0 3rd place 'A'
Ike Silcott 100m 11.7 1st 'A', 200m 23.9 2nd place 'A' and LJ 5.45 3rd place 'A'
K-Ryan Hinds 100m 14.1 4th place 'B' and HJ 1.5 2nd place 'A'
Amrik Gill 400m 62.5 5th place 'A' and LJ 3.59 7th place 'B'
Kiron Stabana 400m 62.4 4th place 'B', 200m 27.2 3rd place 'B' and javelin 21.66 3rd place 'B'
Ben Spence shot 8.16 6th place 'A' and javelin 34.01 2rd place 'A'
4x100m 53.6 5th place

Caitlin Roper 1500m 5.02.2 2nd place 'A'
Fran Green 800m 2.28.1 2nd place 'A'
Molly McAllister 800m 2.49.2 3rd place 'B'
Caitlin Harding 100m 14.0 6th place 'A' and LJ 4.84 2nd place 'A'
Niamh Warner 100m 13.7 2nd place 'B', 200m 29.2 7th place 'A' and LJ 4.15 3rd 'B'
Rianna Kidd 300m 51.6 5th place 'A', 200m 31.4 6th place 'B' and HJ 1.2 7th place 'A'
Charlotte Cooper javelin 20.2 4th place 'A' and shot 6.77 6th place 'A'
Hope McDonald javelin 19.14 2nd place 'B' and shot 6.31 3rd place 'B'
4x100m 57.5 7th place

U17 men
Bradley Roerig 800m 2.12.7 3rd place 'A', 400m 59.8 5th palce 'A' and LJ 4.66 7th place 'A'
James Dunigan 100m 12.1 5th place 'A' and LJ 4.75 4th place 'B'
Josh Beech 400m 64.7 4th place 'B', 1500m 5.17.9 3rd place 'A' and shot 6.4 5th place 'A'

U17 women
Alice Porter 1500m 5.10.7 5th place 'A'
Lucille Rostron 1500m 5.47.9 5th place 'B'
Mikela Gilmore 800m 2.36.6 6th place 'A'
Iona Magee 100m 13.4 4th place 'A', 200m 29.1 5th place 'A' and LJ 4.34 3rd place 'A'
Jody Ward 300m 50.4 7th place 'A', 200m 31.4 7th place 'B' and LJ 4.03 4th place 'B'
Alison Joseph javelin 13.47 7th place 'A' and shot 7.05 5th place 'A'

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