02 July 2012

Birmingham BMC PB Classic races (Saturday 30th June 2012)

Cameron Smith U15b knocked a terrific 8 seconds from his personal best performance with a 4.28.87 in the 1500m at Birmingham.

James Hatton U17 men managed to dip under the two minute barrier for 800m for the first time. The youngster tripped and almost fell but managed to keep his composure, and more importantly his footing, to finish with a fantastic 1.59.83.

There were also personal best performances from Jordan Waine, Mikela Gilmore, Ben Dijkstra, Caitlin Roper, Alison Curtis, Serena Moore and David Robertson.

Full results:
James Hatton U17m 1.59.83 4th place 'C' race
Zak Anderson U17m 2.16.51 5th place 'F' race
Amrik Gill U15b 2.20.23 8th place 'F' race
Mari Smith U17w 2.10.06 2nd place 'A' race
Jasmin Southam U17w 2.23.49 3rd place 'B' race
Jordan Waine U13g 2.32.67 2nd place 'D' race
Mikela Gilmore U15g 2.33.96 3rd place 'D' race
Ben Dijkstra U15b 4.24.19 4th place 'B' race
Cameron Smith U15b 4.28.87 3rd place 'C' race
Pascal Bouttier-Butler U15b 4.50.34 1st place 'D' race
Amy Griffiths U17w 4.40.26 2nd place 'A' race
Emily Sales U20w 4.46.20 5th place 'A' race
Ella Shirley U17w 4.56.44 9th place 'A' race
Caitlin Roper U15g 4.59.29 3rd place 'B' race
Alison Curtis U13g 5.17.07 4th place 'C' race
Serena Moore U15g 10th place 'C' race
Kristian Edwards U20m 9.37.17 3rd place 'A' race
David Robertson U17m 10.03.11 7th place 'A' race

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