18 July 2012

Taisha is the Golden Girl at the Midlands.

Taisha Thompson-Gregory (U17 women) took the honours in the Midland Championships which were held at Saffron Lane on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July 2012. She won gold medals in both the long jump with a leap of 5.46 and in the triple jump with 11.01.

Jumpers George Drake (U17 men) won the gold medal in the triple jump with his leap of 13.27 whilst Rhondell Stabana won the U20 men long jump event with a 5.96 jump.

Sally Preston (U17 women) won gold in the discus with a throw of 34.40. She also claimed the bronze medal in her other event, the shot, with her throw of 9.04.

Full results:

75mH Amber Griffiths 4th place heat 2 13.6
100m Caitling Harding 6th place heat 1 13.9
200m Amber Griffiths 7th place heat 1 30.27
800m Mikela Gilmore 11th place 2.36.2
1500m Caitlin Roper 5th place 5.00.48
HJ Amber Griffiths 6th place 1.35
LJ Caitling Harding 4th place 4.63

100m K-Ryan Hinds 5th place heat 3 13.65
200m K-Ryan Hinds 5th place heat 1 27.71 and 6th place in the final 27.82
800m Luke Beeby 4th place heat 2 2.19.89
1500m Amrik Gill 12th place 5.10.9
HJ K-Ryan Hinds 2nd place 1.49
TJ Joseph Earl 2nd place 11.44

U17 women
100m Taisha Thompson-Gregory 2nd place heat 2 12.46 and 5th place in the final 12.66
100m Iona Magee 7th place heat 1 13.96
800m Jasmin Southam 5th place heat 2 2.25.42
1500m Ella Shirley 5th place 5.06.4
LJ Taisha Thompson-Gregory 1st place 5.46
LJ Iona Magee 8th place 4.44
TJ Taisha Thompson-Gregory 1st place 11.01
Discus Sally Preston 1st place 34.40
Shot Sally Preston 3rd place 9.04

U17 men
800m James Hatton 2nd place heat 3 2.02.25 and 5th place in the final 2.04.51
1500m James Hatton 3rd place 4.14.7
TJ George Drake 1st place 13.27

U20 women
800m Freya Vincent 3rd place 2.25.61
TJ Andrea Barrow 4th place 10.05

U20 men
400m Alex Morris 4th place 52.76
800m Johnny Monk 2nd place heat 1 1.59.71 and 3rd place in the final 2.01.08
TJ Armani James 2nd place 13.04
LJ Rhondell Stabana 1st place 5.96
LJ Forrest Francis 2nd place 5.71

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