21 October 2012

Senior National 6 Stage Road Relays at Clumber Park

Being one of only three county clubs to qualify for the English National 6 stage road relays, Coritanian senior men came home in a creditable 37th position which is 38 places higher than last year. They were the first county club team to finish in a time of 1hr 40 mins 28 secs.

The team of Gordon Lee (15m.40s), Ashley Sabin (15m. 55s), Chris Southam (16m. 49s), Danny Keating (17m 45s), Gareth Deacon (17m. 05s), and Kristian Edwards (17m.14s) held their position pretty well in what can only be described as a fast and furious race, never dropping out of the top 40 clubs.

On Sunday, second claim member Nigel Stirk won the Leicester Half Marathon with James Nutt, making his debut at the distance in 4th place. In the corporate relay held in conjunction Coritanian runners Craig Austin, John Grindey, John Noble and Gareth Deacon led the field for their respective teams, the latter three being part of the victorious Team Post Office.  

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