04 November 2012

U15b win the bronze medal at National Cross Country Relays, Mansfield.

The U15b won the team bronze medal at the National Cross Country relays on Saturday 3rd November at Berry Hill Park, Mansfield.

Led off by Sam Elliott who ran a solid first leg in 6.57.60 to hand over in 21st place to George Bell, who followed suit with 6.51.60 to put the team into contention. He handed over in 9th place to Ben Dijkstra who took the mantle and ran the fourth fastest leg of the day in 6.35.20 to take the team to third place.
The strength and depth in this age group is tremendous and it was fantastic to see all three teams that competed finishing in the top 27 in this National competition.

The U13g and U17 women teams both finished in 10th place. In the U17 women's race a good start from Mari Smith, who completed her leg in 9.18.75, led to her handing over in 5th place to Ella Shirley who ran 9.34.80. Picking up one place on her leg, Ella handed over to Rachel Borrows who ran a sterling leg to finish in 10th place in 10.42.00.

The U13g were in 21st place after a good opening run from Fran Green 8.08.75. Jordain Waine was the second leg runner and had an outstanding run to finish her leg in 7.48.45 and to bring the team up to 6th place. Alison Curtis was the last leg runner and with this being her first major club race, it was no mean feat for the youngster to face the pressure of the last leg at a National event. She handled the pressure very well and her time of 8.28.45 meant that the team finished in a great 10th place. They were the top Midlands performing U13g team and they each received medals.

A fantastic race by Harry Thompson in the U17 men's race saw him clock 10.05.45.

The Junior men's team are all bottom aged athletes and they finished in a brilliant 18th place overall. This bodes well for future competitions in this age group. Only 13 seconds separated the three who were led off by Jonny Monk who handed over in 41st place 9.42.80 to James Nutt. He ran his leg in 9.54.70 and handed over in 32nd place to Kristian Edwards. Kristian ran 9.41.20 and took the team to the well deserved 18th place.

Full results:
U13g 'A' Team Fran Green (21) 8.08.75, Jordan Waine (6) 7.48.45, Ali Curtis (10) 8.28.45
          'B' Team Neve Grimes (31) 8.23.35, Connie-Mae Roper (29) 8.41.40, Constance Farmer (53) 9.50.85
U15g 'A' Team Caitlin Roper (16) 7.44.70, Alice Porter (24) 8.16.35, Mikela Gilmore (26) 8.20.30
          'B' Team Serena Moore (83) 8.38, Emily Foster (77) 8.55.35, Georgia Smith (70) 8.41.20
          'C' Team Chloe Foster (97) 8.57.75
U17 w 'A' Team Mari Smith (5) 9.18.75, Ella Shirley (4) 9.34.80, Rachel Borrows (10) 10.42.00
            'B' Team Lucy Rostron (72) 21.14.50
Junior Women April Beeby (39) 10.26.50
Senior Women Jo Bradford (66) 12.01.00, Chloe Morris (47) 12.01.00
U15b 'A' Team Sam Elliott (22) 6.57.60, George Bell (9) 6.51.60, Ben Dijkstra (3) 6.35.20
          'B' Team Alfie Thompson (21) 6.56.85, Luke Beeby (16) 7.00.20, Cameron Smith (17) 7.08.10
          'C' Team James Owen (36) 7.09.85, Pascal Bouttier-Butler (31) 7.16.50, Matt Griffiths (27) 7.15.20 
U17 men 'A' Team James Hatton (47) 10.11.25, Cameron Hart (50) 10.46.70, Tom Loring (24) 9.34.70
               'B' Team Harry Short (77) 11.06.25, Phil Maddocks (63) 10.31.70, Connor Haywood (45) 10.17.50
               'C' Team Will Rawlinson (57) 10.25.70, Harry Thompson (38) 10.05.45
Junior Men Jonny Monk (41) 9.42.80, James Nutt (32) 9.54.70, Kristian Edwards (18) 9.41.20
Senior Men 'A' Team Ashley Sabin (91) 17.54.40, Elliott Hart (79) 17.51.70, Chris Southam (73) 17.50.55, Danny Keating (71) 18.20.10
                   'B' Team Derek Guess (176) 21.50.35, Andy Hart (152) 19.45.50, Craig Sabin (137) 21.09.10, Dave Pearce (125) 20.19.70

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