25 March 2013

Midland Counties win for Caitlin and K-Ryan

Caitlin Harding and K-Ryan Hinds won gold at the Midland Counties Indoor event at Birmingham on Saturday 23rd March and Sunday 24th March.

Caitlin won the Long Jump with a personal best performance of 4.95m and K-Ryan won the High Jump with his personal best performance of 1.65m. They both followed up their achievements with further personal best performances in their other events.
Full details as follows:

Caitling Harding 60m 3rd place h2 8.45, 100m 3rd place h3 13.55, LJ 1st place 4.95m and TJ 4th place 10.33m
Amber Griffiths 60mH 3rd place h1 9.68, 60m 3rd place h4 8.68, 75mH 5th place h1 12.39, 100m 2nd place h4 13.76
Hannah Morris 60mH 4th place h4 11.35, 60m 4th place h7 9.30
Natasha Gilliam 60m 1st place h4 8.33, 100m 3rd place h2 13.19

U20 women
Rheanna Hinds 60m 3rd place h2 8.79, 100m 2nd place h3 14.21

K-Ryan Hinds 60m 4th place h2 8.35, 100m 6th place h1 13.19, LJ 3rd place 4.91m, HJ 1st place 1.65m

U17 men
Joseph Earl TJ 3rd place 11.37m

Senior Men
Lyle Webster 60m 2nd place h3 7.44, 100m 6th place h2 11.79

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