16 April 2013

Gold and Bronze Medals at The National Road Relays for the Middle Distance Squad.

The U15 boys team brought home the gold medal at Sutton Park, Birmingham in the National Road Relays on Sunday.

Alfie Thompson led the team off with a great start on the first leg and his time of 12.41 meant that he handed over the baton in third place. His time also placed him as the 6th quickest individual runner in this age group on the day. Alfie handed over to Cameron Smith, whose fantastic effort of 13.12, meant that he maintained the third place position throughout his leg so that when he handed over to last leg runner, Ben Dijkstra, the gold medal was always going to be achievable. With the medal in his sights Ben took on the opposition and made short work of the course, completing it in 12.25 and being the second fastest individual runner.

New to the event, Jordan Waine took the U13 girls team through the first leg in 14.32. Handing over in first place, she ran the fourth quickest time in this age group to confirm her reputation within this age group. It was always going to be a tough ask to try and maintain the lead that Jordan had established but Neve Grimes, also new to the event, rose to the occasion and her solid leg time of 15.52 was a great performance from her. Fran Green was on the final leg and showing her class she recorded a time of 15.01,  which was 25 seconds quicker than she had run the course previously to bring home the bronze medal.

Although many of the youngsters had a terrific race day, Caitlin Roper (U15g) had arguably her best run with her performance of 14.36 improving her previous best time by 45 seconds and Georgia Smith (U15g) culminated her vast improving season with her time of 15.29.

Full results

U13 girls
'A' Team Jordan Waine (1) 14.32, Neve Grimes (3) 15.52, Fran Green (3) 15.01
'B' Team Connie-Mae Roper (39) 17.10, Grace Smith (36) 17.42, Constance Farmer (38) 18.58

U15 girls
'A' Team Caitlin Roper (6) 14.36, Georgia Smith (9) 15.29, Serena Moore (15) 17.28
'B' Team Chloe Foster (36) 17.57, Lucy Whitehead (33) 17.13, Emily Foster (30) 18.08
'C' Team Alice Porter (23) 16.11, Mikela Gilmore (31) 18.38

U17 women
'A' Team Lucille Rostron (20) 18.06

U15 boys
'A' Team Alfie Thompspon (3) 12.41, Cameron Smith (3) 13.12, Ben Dijkstra (1) 12.25
'B' Team Sam Elliott (14) 13.20, Luke Beeby (21) 14.42, Pascal Bouttier-Butler (19) 14.06
'C' Team Oliver Freer (43) 15.48, Macauley Moore (36) 14.52

U17 men
'A' Team James Hatton (17) 12.44, Tom Loring (12) 12.54, David Robertson (11) 12.33
'B' Team Xander Tansey (16) 12.39, Cameron Hart (18) 13.28, Connor Haywood (19) 14.10
'C' Team Phil Maddocks (26) 13.28, Zak Anderson (25) 14.44, Sam Kenmore (22) 14.55

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