21 April 2013

Markfield 10k results

There were some great results from the senior and vet men at the Markfield 10k race. Gordan Lee led the way with his 2nd overall place with his time of 32.59 and he was the top male vet on the day.

Dan Allinson was 4th overall in 33.21 and he was followed closely by Nigel Stirk in 6th place in 34.14 and Rob Sheen in 11th place in 35.49. Both Nigel and Rob were 2nd and 4th in the vet age group.

Full results:

Gordan Lee 2nd place overall (1st vet) 32.59
Dan Allinson 4th place overall 33.21
Nigel Stirk 6th place overall (2nd vet) 34.14
Rob Sheen 11th place overall (4th vet) 35.49
Danny Keating 19th place overall (9th vet) 36.36
Gareth deacon 20th place overall (10th vet) 36.47
Elliot Hart 30th pace overall 37.41
Derek Guess 36th place overall (16th vet) 38.00
Simon Cotton 49th place overall (22nd vet) 39.18
Martin Booth 70th place overall (31st vet) 40.11
John Noble 79th place overall (37th vet) 40.46

Manju Moon 22nd senior women overall 47.00

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  1. Well done lads I see you are going very well still ' will one of you guys please get in touch with me. Lindontaylor@sky.com