17 April 2013

Results from the Charnwood Ac Open Meeting on Sunday 14th April

There were some great start of season performances from the youngsters as they attended the Charnwood Ac Open Meeting.

The results show where the individual athlete came in their race/event.

Tilly Fantom 100m race 1 (2nd place) 15.86, LJ (18th place) 2m58, 200m race 1 (1st place) 34.06

Jennifer Ward 200m race 4 (6th place) 31.11, LJ (13th place) 4m31

Natasha Gilliam 100m race 7 (1st place) 13.03, LJ (5th place) 4m87
Amber Griffiths 100m race 8 (3rd place) 13.66, 75mh race 2 (2nd place) 12.30
Georgia Wright 800m race 5 (2nd place) 2.34.94, 200m race 5 (3rd place) 30.15
Rhianna Kidd 800m race 5 (8th place) 2.43.94, 200m race 4 (4th place) 30.62
Harriet Cooper 200m race 7 (2nd place) 26.96, HJ (5th place) 1m40
Caitling Harding LJ (7th place) 4m75, TJ (4th place) 10m.57
Takudzwa Dirikwe Shot (under 10m) (1st place) 10m05

U17 women
Taisha Thompson-Gregory LJ (2nd place) 5m11

U20 women
Sally Preston Hammer (6th place) 39m14
Andrea Barrow LJ (9th place) 4m66, TJ (6th place) 10m25

Alistair Finlay 400m race 2 (3rd place) 57.35

U17 men
Joseph Earl TJ (1st place) 11m48
Chris Arnold Javelin (2nd place) 44m38

U20 men
Forrest Francis Discus (1st place) 45m63, LJ (1st place) 5m87, Shot (1st place) 13m10

Senior Men
Vivian Amos HJ (2nd place) 1m80

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