11 May 2013

BMC Regional Races at Birmingham on Wednesday 8th May

On Wednesday 8th May several athletes went to the BMC Regional races at Birmingham which also incorporated a BRAT Club Open Meeting.

Three youngsters achieved personal best performances, including Jordan Waine (U13g),who managed to reduce her 800m pb by 8 seconds to 2.24.97. Matt Griffiths (U15b) reduced his 800m time by four seconds and not to be outdone, Jonny Monk (U20 men) knocked a further second off of his 800m time to 1.55.7. Jonny has already reduced his personal best performance from 2012 by two seconds in his previous outing.

Full results:


Sue Frisby (Vet) 31.12 6th place H8


Jonny Monk (U20men) 1.55.7 2nd place H1
Connor Haywood (U20 men) 2.05.6 9th place H1
Matt Griffiths (U15b) 2.09.36 3rd place H3
Jordan Waine (U15g) 2.24.97 8th place H4


Ali Curtis (U13g) 4.21.61 2nd place H1


Amy Griffiths (U20 women) 10.20.19 14th place H1

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