10 June 2013

Charnwood Open Meeting, Wednesday 5th June

The results from the Charnwood Open Meeting which was held on Wednesday 5th June at Loughborough are as follows:

Amber Griffiths U15g 4th place heat 9 13.93

Connie-May Roper U13g 12th place race 5 2:43.31
Jasmin Southam U20w 5th place race 6 2:27.33
Fran Green U15g 5th place race 7 2:25.32
Tom Loring U17m 7th place race 10 2:05.34
Cameron Hart U17m 11th place race 10 2:10.05
James Hatton U17m 8th place race 11 1:59.90

Amber Griffiths U15g 4th place 1.45m

Caitling Harding U15g 4th place 4.95m

Chris Arnold U17m 6th place 10.91m

Chris Arnold U17m 1st place 49.15m
Charlotte Cooper U17w 5th place 29.26m

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