15 August 2013

Cardiff International 31st July 2013

There were several Leicester Coritanians that competed at the Cardiff International Stadium on Wednesday 31st July. Jonny Monk, Forrest Francis, Alex Morris and Elliott Powell had been selected to compete for the England Midlands U20 team.

Jonny had been selected for the 800m where he finished in 12th place with his time of 1:57.28 and Forrest competed in both the Shot Put and Discus where he finished in 4th place with 13.58m and 6th place with 43.21m respectively.

Both Alex Morris and Elliott Powell ran as guests in the individual 100m races but they joined up with Olutobi Ogundipe and Liam Hebblethwaite for the England Midland U20 relay team where they finished in 5th place with a time of 43:41

Full results:

Alex Morris (Guest) 9th place Heat 1 11.75
Elliott Powell (Guest) 7th place Heat 2 11.34
Mari Smith (Guest) 9th place 2:15.14
Jonny Monk 12th place 1:57.28
Forrest Francis 4th place 13.58m
Forrest Francis 6th place 43.21m

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