17 August 2013

Results from the Midland League, Sutton Coldfield.

Yet more personal best performances were on show at the Midland League which was held at Sutton Coldfield on 10th August.

Elliott Powell and Alex Morris both produced PB's in the 200m with their times of 21.8 and 22.7 to win their races and Alex also took a PB in the 400mH when he also won with his time of 58.6.

Full results:


Chris Norman 4th place 'A' race 11.4
Raj Parmar 3rd place 'B' race 12.1
Niamh Warner 6th place 'A' race 13.7
Iona Magee 5th place 'B' race 13.7


Elliott Powell 1st place 'A' race 21.8
Alex Morris 1st place 'B' race 22.7
Iona Magee 7th place 'A' race 29.1
Katy Williams 6th place 'B' race 30.0


Elliott Powell 2nd place 'A' race 50.8
Alex Morris 1st place 'B' race 51.7
Katie Birks 7th place 'A' race 70.5
Rachel Borrows 6th place 'B' race 68.5


Andy Callus 7th place 'A' race 2:21.6
Josh Beech 4th place 'B' race 2:14.8
Rachel Borrows 3rd place 'A' race 2:33.1
Jody Ward 3rd place 'B' race 2:58.8


Jack Thompson 7th place 'A' race 5:15.5
Chris Melbourne Non-Scoring 4:20.8
Jo Bradford 5th place 'A' race 5:07.9
Rachel Borrows 2nd place 'B' race 5:47.3


Josh Beech 6th place 'A' race 10:52.9
Jo Bradford 2nd place 'A' race 10:45.5


Katie Birks 1st place 'A' race 18.5
Jody Ward 1st place 'B' race 19.7


Mitchell Kirby 1st place 'A' race 18.7
Rhondell Stabana 1st place 'B' race 19.1


Alex Morris 1st place 'A' race 58.6
Kyron Stabana 4th place 'B' race 72.1
Katie Birks 3rd place 'A' race 77.7
Jody Ward 1st place 'B' race 78.9


Andy Callus 3rd place 'A' race 13:29.3


4x100m Men 2nd place 45.4
4x100m Women 4th place 53.8
4x400m Men 2nd place 3:32.7
4x400m Women 6th place 4:47.9


Forrest Francis 4th place 'A' competition 1.65m
Iquan Silcott 2nd place 'B' competition 1.65m
Charlotte Cooper =5th place 'A' competition 1.25m


Forrest Francis 1st place 'A' competition 3.00m
Iquan Silcott 1st place 'B' competition 2.80m
Iona Magee 1st place 'A' competition 2.10m
Jody Ward 1st place 'B' competition 1.90m


Rhondell Stabana 2nd place 'A' competition 6.17m
Solomon Jengwe 1st place 'B' competition 5.58m
Taisha Thompson-Gregory 2nd place 'A' competition  5.33m
Kate Birks 1st 'B' competition 5.11m
Niamh Warner (Non scoring) 4.32m


Armani James 1st place 'A' competition 13.66m
Mitchell Kirby 1st place 'B' competition 13.41m
Iquan Silcott (Non scoring) 12.48m
Taisha Thompson-Gregory 1st place 'A' competition 10.87m
Kate Birks 1st place 'B' competition 10.34m


Forrest Francis 2nd place 'A' competition 11.97m
Josh Brown 3rd place 'B' competition 8.90m
Sally Preston 3rd place 'A' competition 9.27m
Glenys Morton 3rd place 'B' competition 7.92m


Forrest Francis 2nd place 'A' competition 41.33m
Josh Brown 2nd place 'B' competition 26.18m
Sally Preston 2nd place 'A' competition 31.04m
Glenys Morton 1st place 'B' competition 20.00m


Sally Preston 1st place 'A' competition 38.45m
Brogan Francis 2nd place 'B' competition 22.13


Chris Arnold 2nd place 'A' competition 42.70m
Josh Brown 1st place 'B' competition 40.81m
Charlotte Cooper 6th place 'A' competition 23.88m
Sally Preston 2nd place 'A' competition 21.44m

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