14 October 2013

Silver and Bronze Team Medals at Young Athletes National Road Relays

The Young Athlete National Road Relays were held at Sutton Park, Birmingham yesterday. Heavy rain made for slippery conditions but the youngsters had a fantastic day of racing with several medals to show for their efforts.

The U15 boys 'A' team was led off by Alfie Thompson whose time of 12:26 was the fourth quickest individual time of the day. He worked hard to hand over just two seconds down on the stage leaders Birchfield to the second leg runner, Pascal Bouttier-Butler, who completed his leg in 13:43. Pascal was in 4th place when he handed over to Ben Dijkstra for the final leg. The in form youngster ran the fastest leg of the day with his time of 12:06 to take the team silver medal. With a combined time of 38:15 the youngsters finished 21 seconds behind eventual winners Tonbridge AC.

In the U17 women's race, a delighted trio of Mari Smith, Ella Shirley and Caelidh Ross came away with the bronze medal. Mari's time of 14:00 was the joint 6th fastest leg time of the day and matched that of her team mate Caelidh Ross who ran the final leg. In fact all three athletes beat the times that they ran at the Midland Road Relays only a few weeks ago when they won the silver medal.

Full results:


'A' Team 24th place 49:57
Neve Grimes (20) 15:42, Grace Smith (20) 16:29, Connie May Roper (24) 17:46
'B' Team 41st place 56:02
Chloe Bubb (39) 16:45, Rosie Low (43) 18:49, Constance Farmer (41) 20:28


'A' Team 11th place 44:30
Fran Green (28) 15:06, Jordan Waine (11) 14:31, Caitlin Roper (11) 14:53
'B' Team 60th place 53:18
Chloe Foster (67) 17:39, Emily Foster (67) 17:58, Georgia Smith (61) 17:41


'A' Team 2nd place 38:15
Alfie Thompson (2) 12:26, Pascal Bouttier-Butler (4) 13:43, Ben Dijkstra (2) 12:06
'B' Team 28th place 42:12
Josh West (21) 13:28, Matt Griffiths (23) 13:52, Oliver Freer (28) 14:40


'A' Team 3rd place 43:10
Mari Smith (2) 14:00, Ella Shirley (7) 15:10, Caelidh Ross (3) 14:00
'B' Team (Incomplete team)
Mikela Gilmore (41) 16:58, Lucille Rostron (40) 18:16


A' Team 18th place 38:58
James Hatton (10) 12:15, Cameron Hart (19) 13:24, Cameron Smith (18) 13:19
'B' Team 28th place 40:36
Jack Thomson (38) 13:18, Luke Beeby (30) 13:16, Amrik Gill (28) 14:02

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