13 January 2014

North Midlands League Race

North Midlands League race results, Nottingham

The latest North Midlands League race was held at Nottingham on Saturday 11th January 2014. There were some terrific results with both Alfie Thompson (U15b) and Neve Grimes (U13g) finishing in 2nd place in each of their respective races. 

In the U15 boys race, Alfie was followed home by Pascal Bouttier-Butler in 5th place, Josh West in 13th place and Harry Freeman in 15th place to win the team honours on the day. This leaves them with a slender 4 point lead in the overall team standing over Notts Ac with only the final race to go.

The Vet men also lead the standings but by a much larger margin of 81 points over Mansfield Ac. Gordan Lee led the charge with his 13th place and great team packing saw Matt Poynton in 20th place, Simon Cotton in 22nd place and Dave Pearce in 42nd place.

Full results:
U13g 3km
Neve Grimes 2nd place 7:10
Emma Richards 9th place 7:46

Senior women 6km
Jo Bradford 18th place 23:23
Manju Moon 49th place 26:18

U15b 5km
Alfie Thompson 2nd place 13:42
Pascal Bouttier-Butler 5th place 14:32
Josh West 13th place 15:01
Harry Freeman 15th place 15:08

Vet Men
Gordan Lee 13th place 36:13
Matt Poynton 20th place 36:43
Simon Cotton 22nd place 36:50
Dave Pearce 42nd place 39:00
Danny Keating 44th place 39:17
Craig Austin 56th place 40:08

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