12 May 2014

Corby open Meeting

Results from the Corby BMC on Saturday 10th May

Quite a few athletes competed at the BMC at Corby on Saturday. Unfortunately, the extremely windy conditions made it difficult to run fast times, but there were some good results never-the-less.


Caelidh Ross U20 women 8th place 'B' race 2:16.1
Mari Smith U20 women 3rd place 'C' race 2:11.9
Amrik Gill U17 men 6th place 'C' race 2:13.8
Ella Shirley U20 women 9th place 'D' race 2:31.3
Jordan Waine U15g 5th place 'E' race 2:29.1
Rhea Cooper U15g 3rd place 'F' race 2:43.1
Mikela Gilmore U17 women 5th place 'F' race 2:44.0
Emma Gascoigne U13g 6th place 'F' race 2:46.4
Chloe Bubb U13g 7th place 'F' race 2:51.1

Jack Thomson U17 men 6th place 'A' race 4:21.3
Cameron Smith U17 men 8th place 'A' race 4:25.2
Beane Moores U15g 6th place 'C' race 5:22.5
Oliver freer U17 men 7th place 'C' race 5:23.1
Megan Rowley U15g 9th place 'C' race 5:25.8

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