15 June 2014

Heart of England results

Results from the Heart of England Division 1 at Coventry on 8th June.


Jack Woodward U17 men 5th place 'A' race 12.3
Kyle Calhoun U15b 3rd place 'A' race 12.6
Jack Yaxley U15b 4th place 'B' race 12.9
Jasper Kraamer U13b 3rd place 'A' race 14.1
Amber Griffiths (U17w) SW 5th place 'A' race 13.6
Amreen Choudry SW 7th place 'B' race 15.0
Layla Joachim U15g 7th place 'A' race 14.7
Shivani Sood U15g 6th place 'B' race 14.2
Libby Fort U13g 5th place 'A' race 14.6
Maya Blanco U13g 2nd place 'B' race 15.0


Alistair Finlay U17m 5th place 24.1
Jack Woodward U17m 3rd place 'B' race 24.7
Kyle Calhoun U15b 3rd place 'A' race 25.5
Joey Keaveny U15b 1st place 'B' race 25.9
Rianna Kidd (U17w) SW 5th place 'A' race 29.0
Amreen Choudry SW 5th place 'B' race 32.1
Shivani Sood U15g 6th place 'A' race 29.5
Achalaya Carr-Brown U15g 7th place 'B' race 30.5
Libby Fort U13g 6th place 'A' race 30.1


Rianna Kidd (U17w) SW 6th place 'A' race 47.3
Hannah Morris U15g 5th place 'A' race 45.1


Alistair Finlay U17m 2nd place 'A' race 52.0
Jack Woodward U17m 1st place 'B' race 53.4
Jack Yaxley U15b 3rd place 'A' race 59.2
Joey Keaveny U15b 1st place 'B' race 57.3


Ziggy Joachim U11b 8th place 'A' race 2:09.4


Wais Kaire U17m 4th place 'A' race 2:15.5


Mason Dade U17 men 7th place 'A' race 5:12.4


Maya Blanco U13g 7th place 'A' race 15.2


Hannah Morris U15g 5th place 'A' race 12.9
Shivani Sood U15g 4th place 'B' race 14.9


Dan Boydon U15b 4th place 'A' race 12.8
Amber Griffiths U17w 4th place 'A' race 12.8


4x100m U17m 7th place 50.9
4x100m U15b 2nd place 50.1
4x100m SW 7th place 57.2
4x100m U15g 8th place 60.2
4x100m U13g 8th place 64.0


Dan Boydon U15b 6th place 'A' competition 1.45m
Jasper Kraamer U13b 2nd place 'A' competition 1.40m
Amber Griffiths (U17w) SW 6th place 'A' competition 1.35m
Kirsty Finlay U13g 6th place 'A' competition 1.20m


Archie Gethins U17m 6th place 'A' competition 4.62m
Joey keaveny U15b 3rd place 'A' competition 5.38m
Kyle Calhoun U15b 4th place 'B' competition 4.63m
Jasper Kraamer U13b 1st place 'A' competition 4.36m
Ziggy Joachim U11b 8th place 'A' competition 3.59m
Rianna Kidd (U17w) SW 5th place 'A' competition 4.42m
Jennifer Ward U15g 3rd place 'A' competition 4.52m
Layla Joachim U15g 5th place 'B' competition 4.03m
Libby Fort U13g 6th place 'A' competition 3.84m
Maya Blanco U13g 4th place 'B' competition 3.52m
Heidi Keaveny U11g 6th place 'A' competition 2.93m


Archie Gethins U17m 4th place 'A' competition 8.30m
Liam Smith U15b 6th place 'A' competition 9.24m
Takudzwa Dirikwe U15g 3rd place 'A' competition 9.13m
Achalya Carr-Brown U15g 2nd place 'B' competition 8.82m
Kirsty Finlay U13g 1st place 'A' competition 10.70m


Archie Gethins U17m 5th place 'A' competition 27.18m
Liam Smith U15b 3rd place 'A' competition 27.38m
Dan Boydon U15b 3rd place 'B' competition 20.03m
Takudzwa Dirikwe U15g 2nd place 'A' competition 20.12m
Kirsty Finlay U13g 1st place 'A' competition 23.47m

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