19 August 2014

Middle Distance Squad - Midland Counties race results

Silver for Jordan at Midland County U15/U17 Championships

Jordan Waine celebrated a silver medal at the Midland County Championships, which was held at Saffron Lane on Saturday 16th August and Sunday 17th August.

Returning from injury and dealing with windy conditions on the day, meant that the 1500m pace was not as fast as she would normally be used to. But sticking to her guns she came away with the silver medal in a time of 4:57.80.

Full results:

Megan Rowley U15g 4th place h1 2:36.12 and 7th place FINAL 2:37.53
Rhea Cooper U15g 6th place h1 2:39.18

Jordan Waine U15g 2nd place FINAL 4:57.80
Megan Rowley U15g 9th place FINAL 5:16.77
Rhea Cooper U15g 13th place FINAL 5:30.62

Beane Moores U15g 5th place FINAL 11:34.09
Amrik Gill U17m 5th place FINAL 9:51.87

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