19 August 2014

Middle Distance Squad - Race results round up

Recent race results:

BMC Grand Prix, Solihill - 16th August

Mari Smith U20 women 3rd place 'C' race 2:08.62

Trafford Grand Prix - 12th August

Mari Smith U20 women 10th place h4 4:39.72

Charnwood Open Meeting - 12th August

There were some fabulous results from the younger members of the squad, many of whom were competing for the first time! 

Ashley Butler U11b 3rd place h1 15.25

Scarlett Lewin U11g 5th place 34.07

Ashley Butler U11b 2nd place h1 2:51.70
Elsie Robinson U11g 3rd place h1 2:52.54
Scarlett Lewin U11g 5th place h1 2:58.77
Elliott Butler U13b 2nd place h2 2:44.20
Grace Smith U13g 13th place h3 2:45.89
Emma Gascoigne U13g 8th place h4 2:35.61
Zena Challenger U13g 10th place h5 2:36.82
Jasmin Southam U20 women 11th place h6 2:32.77
Cameron Hart U17m 6th place h8 2:06.11

Alfie Thompson U17m 2nd place h2 9:07.69

Corby AC Open Meeting - 5th August

1 mile
Emma Richards U13g 11th place race 3 5:52.7
Cameron Hart U17m 2nd place race 5 4:44.2

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