16 September 2014

Middle Distance Squad - Charnwood Open Meeting results

Results from the 'Stars of the Future' Charnwood Opening Meeting at Loughborough on Sunday 7th September.

There were some fine end of season performances from the young athletes who competed at the Charnwood Open Meeting on Sunday 7th September.

Full results:

Rhea Cooper U15g 6th place heat 2 2:33.59
Emma Gascoigne U13g 2nd place heat 1 2:37.23
Chloe Bubb U13g 6th place heat 1 2:50.76
Zena Challenger U13g 4th place heat 1 2:34.26
Emma Richards U13g 5th place heat 1 2:37.73

Scarlett Lewin U11g 6th place heat 2 2:08.26

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