23 September 2014

Middle Distance Squad - Midland Road Relay Results

Glorious gold at Midland Road Relays!

The U17 men were unbeatable at the Midland Road Relays at the weekend. The team of Sam Stevens, Alfie Thompson and Ben Dijkstra were just too strong for the competition as they charged round Sutton Park.

Leading from gun to tape, the trio's recorded time of 35.47 meant all three were in the top 9 fastest legs in the age group with Sam Stevens running the fastest leg time with his clocking of 11.36 and Ben following behind with the 2nd fastest leg.

The Masters Men also won gold on the 6 stage relays in 2:01.17. Gordon Lee led the team off to hand over in 2nd place to Richard Whiteleg. Gareth Deacon moved the team into pole position with Andrew Robinson and Rob Sheen maintaining the lead and leaving Craig Austin to take victory on the final leg. Gordon and Craig recorded the 2nd and 3rd fastest legs in the age group.

The other age groups were depleted due to illness and injury and in several age groups we were unable to field complete teams.

Individually Josh West U15b ran the 3rd fastest leg, whilst Neve Grimes was the 5th fastest in her U15 age group. Emma Gascoigne was 10th fastest in the U13g race. 

Full results:

'A' Team 5th place 47.04
Zena Challenger 15.39 (6) Grace Smith 15.38 (6) Emma Richards 15.47 (5)
'B' Team 6th place 47.47
Emma Gascoigne 15.36 (5) Maisie Elliott 15.39 (5) Chloe Bubb 16.32 (6)

'A' Team 6th place 45.57
Megan Rowley 15.28 (14) Neve Grimes 14.38 (4) Rhea Cooper 15.51 (6)
Incomplete team
Jordan Waine 15.09 (10)

Incomplete team
Josh West 12.50 (2)

U17 women
Incomplete Team
Alex West 15.35 (10)

U17 men
'A' Team 1st place 35.47
Sam Stevens 11.36 (1) Alfie Thompson 12.27 (1) Ben Dijkstra 11.44 (1)
'B' Team 18th place 41.57
Jack Thomson 15.01 (27) Amrik Gill 13.46 (21) Pascal Bouttier-Butler 13.10 (18)
'C' Team 21st place 43.02
Matt Griffiths 13.27 (15) Oliver Freer 14.38 (19) Alfie Lower 14.57 (21)

Senior Men
'A' Team 20th place 2:03.11
Ashley Sabin 18.17 (6) Chris Jordan 19.11 (9) Matt Poynton 20.25 (11) David Robertson 21.09 (15)
Phillip Maddicks 20.57 (16) Craig Sabin 23.12 (20)

Masters Men
'A' Team 1st place 2:01.17
Gordon Lee 18.58 (2) Richard Whiteleg 20.37 (2) Gareth Deacon 20.39 (1) Andrew Robinson 20.45 (1) Rob Sheen 21.07 (1) Craig Austin 19.11 (1)

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