06 October 2014

Middle Distance Squad - National Road Relays

Trio smash course record at ERRA National Road Relays

The U17 men smashed the course record at the ERRA National Road Relays at Sutton Park, Birmingham yesterday. The trio of Alfie Thompson, Sam Stevens and Ben Dikstra completed the 3.863 kl course in a collective time of 35:11 which was 20 seconds quicker than the previous record from 1999.

Alfie led the charge with his leg time of 12:13 which was the 18th quickest individual leg of the day and meant that he handed over to Sam Stevens in 7th place. Sam took up the mantle and ran the 3rd quickest individual leg (11:39) of the day to hand over to Ben Dijkstra in 1st place. Not one to hold back, Ben devastated the field with his time of 11:19 which is a joint course record from 1999 with the one and only Mo Farah!

Well done to everyone who competed but particular congratulations must go to the boys whose next target must be the National Cross Country Relays at Mansfield.

Full results:

'A' Team 15th place 46:55
Emma Gascoigne (17) 15:19
Maisie Elliott (10) 15:24
Grace Smith (15) 16:12

'B' Team (Incomplete)
Zena Challenger (16) 15:18
Chloe Bubb (20) 16:00

'A' Team 25th place 46:09
Neve Grimes (18) 14:39
Megan Rowley (32) 16:05
Rhea Cooper (26) 15:25

U17 women
'A' Team 25th place 47:04
Caitlin Roper (17) 14:41
Mikela Gilmore (33) 17:04
Alex West (25) 15:19

U17 men
'A' Team 1st place 35:11 (New Course Record)
Alfie Thompson (7) 12:13
Sam Stevens (1) 11:39
Ben Dijkstra (1) 11:19 (Joint Course Record)
'B' Team 33rd place 40:44
Amrik Gill (52) 13:35
Pascal Bouttier-Butler (39) 13:11
Oliver Freer (33) 13:58

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