05 November 2014

Middle Distance Squad - National Cross Country Relays

National Cross Country Relays Results, Mansfield

The annual National Cross Country Relays were again at Berry Park, Mansfield over the weekend and although the teams were depleted by illness and injury, the athletes still raced well to finish amongst the top 20 teams in the country in the majority of age groups.

Although not an individual event, special mention must go to Ben Dijkstra, whose time of 8:54.95 was the fastest leg of the day in the U17 men's race. With a combined time of 29:20.30  for the 3k course the team of Pascal Bouttier-Butler, Amrik Gill and Ben secured a 15th place finish.

The trio of Mari Smith, Jasmin Southam and Caelidh Ross completed the 2.5k course in 28:34.70 which was good enough for them to finish in 12th place overall in the Junior women's race.

Full results:


'A' Team 21st place 24:20.05 (3x2K)
Zena Challenger (32) 7:57.75
Emma Gascoigne (19) 8:03.60
Grace Smith (21) 8:18.70

'B' Team incomplete
Chloe Bubb (56) 8:17.65
Eva Walters (62) 9:02.50


'A' Team 18th place 23:11.50 (3x2K)
Neve Grime (8) 7:20.25
Rhea Cooper (11) 7:45.55
Megan Rowley (18) 8:05.70

'B' Team incomplete
Beane Moores (70) 8:10.35
Hannah Ord (53) 8:04.90

U17 women

'A' Team incomplete (3x2.5K)
Alex West (40) 9:50.55
Mikela Gilmore (40) 10:40.20

U17 men

'A' Team 15th place 29:20.30 (3x3k)
Pascal Bouttier-Butler (57) 10:20.05
Ben Dijkstra (8) 8:54.95
Amrik Gill (15) 9:57.80

'B' Team incomplete
Matt Griffiths (70) 10:48.45
Oliver Freer (52) 10:17.80

Junior women

'A' Team 12th place 28:34.70 (3x2.5K)
Mari Smith (18) 9:11.35
Jasmin Southam (17) 10:11.0
Caelidh Ross (12) 9:12.35

Senior Men

'A' Team 70th place 1:12.16.45 (4x5K)

Ashley Sabin (68) 17:00.10
Chris Jordan (52) 16:55.05
Mark Powell (41) 16:36.50
Craig Sabin (70) 21:45.0

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