29 April 2015

Middle Distance Squad - Kettering Open Meeting Results

Kettering Open Meeting Results

There were some great performances from the young athletes who competed at the Kettering Open Meeting on Saturday 18th April, many of whom were setting their opening marks for the track season ahead.

Full results:

Lachlan Finch U11b 2nd place h6 11.4

Scarlett Lewin U11g 4th place h5 24.6

Sinead Kirk U13g 8th place h5 32.5
Samantha Dyson U13g 5th place h1 33.9

Lachlan Finch U11b 3rd place h4 1:58.0
Scarlett Lewin U11g 6th place h3 2:16.0

Jordan Waine U17g 6th place h7 2:35.0
Zena Challenger U15g 7th place h7 2:37.0
Hannah Ord U15g 4th place h6 2:38.0
Megan Rowley U17g 8th place h6 2:45.0
Sinead Kirk U13g 1st place h2 2:47.0
Eva Walters U13g 11th place h4 2:50.0
Samantha Dyson U13g 4th place h1 2:52.0

Jamie Short SM 2nd place h5 4:24.0
Emma Richards U15g 9th place h4 5:15.0
Rhea Cooper U15g 5th place h3 5:24.0

Lachlan Finch U11b 3rd place 27.59m

Samantha Dyson U13g 6th place 7.86m

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