31 May 2015

Middle Distance Squad - Livingston Relays

Livingston Relay results

LCAC U20 men won the Livingston Relays on 3rd May. The team was led off by Pascal Bouttier-Butler, whose time for the 3 mile leg was 16:16. Pascal handed over to Josh Phillips, who in turn handed over to Alfie Lowe. Alfie Thompson completed the honours on the final lap and he duly recorded the fastest U20 leg of the day with his time of 15:59.

The Vet Men's team were second place with a combined time of 65:36 and only 6 seconds behind Charnwood.

Full results:

Leg 1
Gordan Lee v45 1st place 15:40
Jamie Short SM 4th place 15:56
Pascal Bouttier-Butler U17m 9th place 16:16
Stephen Maddocks U23m 35th place 19:22

Leg 2
Gareth Deacon v45 4th place 16:27
Josh Phillips U20m 17th place 17:46
Ed Thomas U17m 23rd place 18:29

Leg 3
Rob Sheen v50 7th place 17:04
Alfie Lowe U17m 18th place 18:50
Craig Sabin 23rd place 19:26

Leg 4
Alfie Thompson U17m 5th place 15:59
Andrew Robinson v40 7th place 16:25
Dave Pearce v45 10th place 16:34

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