13 May 2015

Quad Kids results

Quad Kids is for the younger aged athletes and the format challenges the athletes to sprint, run, jump and throw to gain points.

Record numbers of young athletes competed at the Quad Kids competition at Saffron Lane on Friday 8th May. Not even the poor conditions could dampen the youngsters enthusiasm or their performances and Coritanians were the 4th placed team overall on the night.

Danny-Ray Murdey was the highest placed individual athlete overall. He was 4th in the Year 3/4 boys age group and his total score of 199 points was just 2 points away from 3rd place. Congratulations to Danny-Ray and to everyone who competed.


Year 3/4 Girls

Daisy Hagg 12th place 167 points
Eve Rowley 23rd place 149 points
Megan 38th place 127 points
Brooke Traynor 46th place 73 points

Team 6th place overall

Year 3/4 Boys

Danny-Ray Murdey 4th place 199 points
Alfred Waweru 11th place 183 points
Callum Morton 19th place 176 points
Benji Read 30th place 165 points
Cian Palmer-Holmes 33rd place 154 points
Brandon Navallo 34th place 149 points
Rashan Morton 42nd place 134 points
Joshua Pegg 48th place 106 points

Team 3rd place overall

Year 5/6 Girls

Emma Williams 15th place 175 points
Isobell Smith 19th place 168 points
Scarlett Lewin 26th place 157 points
Ruby Bland 34th place 137 points
Ysa Murdey 35th place 133 points
Levana Dell 42nd place 122 points
Princess Atando 43rd place 118 points
Amber Wroblewski 46th place 111 points
Elsie Robinson 47th place 107 points
Flo Hagger 53rd place 95 points
Eleanor Wells 57th place 73 points

Team 4th place overall

Year 5/6 Boys

James Tansey 12th place 187 points
Ben Sturgess 19th place 177 points
Lachlan Finch 25th place 167 points
Kenny Bale-Tobero 39th place 150 points
Dougie Low 40th place 150 points
Jack Scott 47th place 126 points
Samuel Wright 51st place 113 points
William Wells 61st place 81 points
Kian Traynor 66th place 47 points

Team 6th place overall

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