09 June 2015

Middle Distance Squad - BMC PB Classic, Milton Keynes

Ben breaks his own club record and powers his way to top of the rankings!

Ben Dijkstra broke his own club record in the 3000m on Saturday at the BMC PB Classic at Milton Keynes and is top of the Power of 10 rankings in the U17 age group. With his time of 8:23.05, he is only 5 seconds outside of the World U18 Championship Qualifying time - although Ben has already stated that his commitment this summer is to triathlon, where he also excels.

Other athletes who achieved personal best performances at the meet were Amrik Gill (U20m), Zena Challenger (U15g), Grace Smith (U15g), Oliver Freer (U17m) and Emma Richards (U15g).

Full details:


Amrik Gill U20m 8th place 'F' race 2:08.53
Emma Gascoigne U15g 7th place 'E' race 2:29.44
Zena Challenger U15g 8th place 'E' race 2:29.57
Josie Wood U15g 10th place 'F' race 2:33.33
Grace Smith U15g 11th place 'F' race 2:33.86
Beane Moores U15g 3rd place 'G' race 2:33.08
Sammy Dyson U13g 10th place 'I' race 2:48.40


Alfie Thompson U17m 1st place 'C' race 4:10.37
Oliver Freer U17m 6th place 'D' race 4:23.92
Pascal Bouttier-Butler U17m 4th place 'E' race 4:28.44
Alfie Lowe U17m 5th place 'G' race 4:54.79
Jordan Waine U17w 4th place 'D' race 4:59.12
Emma Richards U15g 9th place 'D' race 5:04.34
Megan Rowley U17w 1st place 'E' race 5:14.11
Hannah Ord U15g 2nd place 'E' race 5:17.06
Alex West U17w 3rd place 'E' race 5:17.59
Rhea Cooper U15g 7th place 'H' race 5:16.65


Ben Dijkstra U17m 1st place 'A' race 8:23.05

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