28 June 2015

Middle Distance Squad - Charnwood Open Meeting results

Charnwood Open Meeting Results

Elsie Robinson U11g recorded a personal best performance in the 800m at the Charnwood Open Meeting on Wednesday 17th June. She finished with a time of 2:43.17 to win race 2.
In race 3 Lachlan Finch was 2nd with another personal best performance of 2:36.29.

Izzie Smith U13g ran a fantastic 200m race to win race 1 in 31.79.

Full results:

Esmee Esho U15g 6th place race 7 14.04

Izzie Smith U13g 1st place race 1 31.79
Jody Ward v35 5th place race 2 32.11
Kyle Calhoun U15b 4th place race 9 24.36

Elsie Robinson u11g 1st place race 2 2:43.17
Lachlan Finch U11b 2nd place race 3 2:36.29
Grace Smith U15g 4th place race 4 2:32.57
Zena Challenger u15g 4th place race 5 2:29.21
Alexander Lazutin U20m 4th place race 8 2:03.20
Ashley Sabin SM 6th place race 8 2:09.47

Ashley Sabin SM 2nd place race 2 9:10.0

Iona Magee U20w 13th place 2.25m

Rowan Powell U17m 1st place 6.07m
Joey Keaveny U17m 2nd place 6.06m
Jennifer Ward U15g 9th place 4.57m
Jody Ward V35 16th place 3.33m

Takudzwa Dirikwe U17w 1st place 10.47m
Kiera Canpolat U15g 1st place 11.26m
Kirsty Finlay U15g 2nd place 10.81m
Achalya Carr-Brown U15g 4th place 9.14m

Liam Smith U17m 2nd place 36.11m
Takudzwa Dirikwe U17w 4th place 34.28m
Kirsty Finlay U15g 2nd place 30.71m

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