19 June 2015

Middle Distance Squad - Quad Kids results

Terrific results from the Quad Kids!

There were some terrific results from Match 2 of the Quad Kids series. Lachlan Finch finished in 8th place in the Year 5/6 boys event with 240 points. Scarlett Lewin, Alfred Waweru and Ben Strugess all managed top 20 places in the competition.

Well done to all the athletes who took part.

Full results:

Year 3/4 Boys

Alfred Waweru 15th place 179 points
Benji Read 31st place 156 points
Bradon Navallo 33rd place 152 points
Logan Callhoun 34th place 143 points
Joshua Pegg 39th place 122 points

Year 3/4 Girls

Eve Rowley 23rd place 146 points
Megan ? 38th place 113 points

Year 5/6 Boys

Lachlan Finch 8th place 240 points
Ben Sturgess 17th place 217 points
Dougie Low 26th place 200 points
Samuel Wright 29th place 198 points
James Tansey 40th place 171 points

Year 5/6 Girls

Scarlett Lewin 15th place 193 points
Ruby Bland 26th place 167 points
Princess Atando 29th place 163 points
Heidi Keaveny 31st place 160 points
Lavana Dell 33rd place 154 points
Amber Wroblewski 41st place 132 points
Eleanor Harwood 45th place 123 points
Flo Hagger 46th place 121 points
Lily Grocock 53rd place 92 points

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